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Each year, as winter rolls into Colorado and the snow starts to fall, we often receive questions and hear a lot of lively discussion about snow removal. With that in mind, we thought it would be worth summarizing how snow removal works in Tallyn’s Reach – for roads, common area walkways, and sidewalks.

Almost all streets in Tallyn’s Reach are owned by the City of Aurora, who is responsible for snow removal. Unfortunately – residential streets, including most of ours, are among the lowest priority routes, as crews prioritize access to emergency services, schools, and major access routes. This often means that many of our side roads, cul-de-sacs and other smaller roads are rarely plowed during a storm, if at all. Aurora has a website page focused on snow removal that includes snow plan maps. If you’d like further information please visit:

With the city’s financial and physical resources in mind, snow removal on smaller neighborhood streets only takes place during the most extreme weather conditions as approved by the Public Works director.  North-facing and shady areas on streets sometimes need attention, so please contact the Streets division at 303.326.8200 for any section of street remains ice-packed or impassable after several days.


Common Area Walkways and “Hammerhead” Streets:
The city of Aurora has responsibility for a few of the common area walkways/sidewalks in our neighborhood.  In addition, our Metro Association / Authority has limited responsibility for additional snow removal for those areas not handled by the city. Both are generally for shared walkways and areas not in front of individual homes, or for the metro – short sections of dead-end streets called “hammerheads”. The metro district has a page with further information on this service including the circumstances in which their snow removal will start, and a map showing the areas that will be removed here:


Sidewalk snow removal is the responsibility of each individual homeowner in the neighborhood. For houses on corner lots, this includes the sidewalks on all sides of the property. Snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall ends, or 48 hours after a snow emergency is declared by the city. In general, complaints about unshoveled sidewalks should be directed to the city, but only 24 hours after the last snowfall has stopped. Additional information and links can be found on the Aurora snow responsibility page here:

If homeowners need help with shoveling due to physical or other limitations, we suggest reaching out to the “Snow Busters” team using the link provided below.


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